Automate Twitter For Real Estate

Updated 10 months ago by Christopher McHale

Connect your Twitter account with your other social networks. Using Twitter for real estate doesn't need to be so time-consuming.

A lot of agents don't like the hassle of dealing with Twitter. However, what if I told you, you could use Twitter as an automated hub? Using something called IFTTT you can make it so that your Facebook posts, Pinterest posts, and even your Instagram posts all auto update on your Twitter profile!


IFTT: "If This Then That" Applet: basically like digital recipes (if I post to Instagram then post to Twitter)


Then you'll want to make your way over to the "Services" page which you'll find in the top menu.

From there you'll be able to search for the different social networks you're using (Facebook, Instagram) 

What you'll be looking for are these individual Applets, they're very clear about what they do specifically.

once you find the applets that let you pair your social networks together you'll just have to sign in and approve the new feature.

Let's start with connecting our Instagram!


First, we have to give the Applet life!! So flip that switch!

Then you'll be asked to sign into your Twitter and Instagram account (if you're not already)

Then you're good to go!

I encourage you to head on over to your Instagram account to post something, so you can see if it works correctly.

You can also configure the specifics of this Applet

So if you're not quite happy with how it's posting feel free to adjust it.

Then repeat the same process for the Facebook Applet and you're done.

Congratulations you've successfully taken your first steps to automating your Twitter account for real estate! 🎉🎉

Head Over To IFTTT!

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