Building a Revolving Market Funnel

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What it does:

  • Showcase a collection of properties per your criteria (i.e. open houses this week)
  • Build an email list for weekly updates on this criteria for targeted leads

What you need:

  • 1 IDX Saved Search
  • 1 Instafarm page with your saved search
  • 1 Path that will send leads into your CRM
  • 1 Squeeze using simple email sign up form template

How to build your funnel:

1) In your IDX Control Panel, create a new market for your search criteria. This could be:

  • open houses
  • foreclosures
  • reduced prices

Pick something that is very compelling in your area that has compelling offers to your target buyer. 

Need help with creating a Saved Search and creating a market? Use our guide to get started.

New Market
In our example, we chose open houses from the last week.

2) Create an Instafarm page. It doesn’t have to be too fancy. At minimum, you need to add your new Saved Search from Step 1 to the page and give the page a title. 


  • Add an introduction about this list including how often the list updates
  • Add a video to the header of you discussing the hottest properties in the list, why you’re awesome for open houses, etc.
Add your saved search to the Instafarm
Your Instafarm now has a title + revolving market

3) Create a Path. You’ll want this to be connected to your CRM. In step 4, you’ll be making an email sign up squeeze page to get leads - and you definitely want to be following up each time the market in Step 1 is updated.

A new Path to start our weekly drip campaign.

4) Create a squeeze page. We suggest a simple email sign up so the cost of entry to see your list is not too high. 

These 3 Form templates make signing up to see more easy!

  • Make sure the headline, byline, and photo used are compelling and relevant to what people will see once they submit their email. 
  • Set the page to redirect to your Instafarm in step 2.
  • Assign your Path from Step 3.
  • Assign a social share image - ideally, use the same one you chose as the squeeze background for visual consistency.
  • With Find Me, give the squeeze a condensed title that matches your headline. Use the description to concisely describe the page and what you’ll get once your email is submitted.

Adding Paths, Find Me, Social Share, and a redirect to our new squeeze.
Our Squeeze Page, completed

5) Send off your new Squeeze page as a Facebook ad! Use these early subscribers to build your email list and update your leads accordingly when the saved search has new content. This could be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your strategy. In the case of open houses, if these occur frequently enough, follow up on a weekly basis.

Now go off to Facebook and make your ad!

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