Tracking UTMs With Your LeadSite

Updated 5 months ago by Support

Easy Agent Pro now includes UTM tracking with all LeadSites forms.

We've always had our Cookies app. This let you track the activity of people on your LeadSite. The UTM integration extends this.

It lets you understand how people are getting to your site.

For example, let's say you want to share a Squeeze page on Facebook. 

You would first make the Squeeze page. Then, you'd go to this page and create a link that says "Source" Facebook, Medium "May Seller Campaign", Terms "first time home buyers".

You'd then get a link that looks like this:

You then take this link and share this link to Facebook.

Your LeadSite will automatically track the data from that link and show it on any leads you generate via that link.

With this technology, you can share the exact same squeeze page link in 3 different places (email, Twitter, Facebook) at once. And if you use a different utm in each location, you'll be able to tell how many leads you get from each source.

For example, you would share:

  1. On Facebook:
  2. On Email:
  3. On Twitter:

The next day, when you log into your LeadSite's dashboard, you can see exactly where your Leads come from! 

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