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Images can either make or break the entire feel of your website to a prospective client. The right photos match the design of the site and are relevant to the other content on the page.

Wouldn't you love to get 5 FREE copyright images without wondering if you'll get a cease and desist order? Make the right choice!

Why It Matters

Many people make the mistake of simply searching Google and taking a photo from there. Don't be that person. Many images that Google returns have copyright licenses associated with them and can have serious legal implications if used without permission.

Here are 8 stock photo websites where you can find real estate photos for your blogs, Instafarms, and squeeze pages.

#1 Pixabay

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Pixabay provides over 630,000 gorgeous high-res images that are all released under the creative commons license so you can be confident when using photos from this site. You can browse by category to speed up the selection process and each image also includes copyright information so you know exactly what you do, and don’t, need to do to use the photo.

#2 Magdeleine

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This site works a little different than Pixabay. Magdeleine functions more as a content aggregator and selects images from other free resources, so you may have even more options to choose from than Pixabay, but there’s a catch. Because Magdeleine is curating content from third-parties, each photo will have different licensing. That said, you can search by license to make sure that the images you’re using are truly free, no strings attached.

#3 DesignerPics

Click To Visit offers images with blogging in mind. They also all fall under the creative commons license. The site creator Jeshu John is a web designer and developer who actually takes all of the photos himself and adds new ones daily! While photo attribution isn’t required for personal or commercial use, Jeshu does mention that users are free to credit him if they want to spread the word about his website and mission to create free photos, which we think is pretty cool!

#4 Skitterphoto

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Skitterphoto also offers a unique browsing experience for image-seekers because all of the free images are photographed by Skitterphoto creators. They’ve got some really fun and remarkable images to choose from and you can be pretty sure that you won’t see the same free photos used by other real estate agents. When you click on an image, you may often see a little caption that details a little bit about the photo and the experience the photographer had taking it. These personal stories definitely add something special to choosing your images!

#5 New Old Stock

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We’re getting a little niche here, but this site is just too cool not to share. New Old Stock offers actual vintage and historical photos that have been collected from public archives and they’re free of copyright restrictions. The site is hosted on Tumblr, so you won’t have the same search options as with the other 4 sites, but at least one photo is uploaded every day and you never know what inspiration you might find from this one of a kind site!

#6 Negative Spaces

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Negative space provides free stock photos, but what makes it a stand out for me is that you can search for photos specifically that have negative space either on the right or left side of the image. This is perfect for adding text to the photo.

#7 Gratisography

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This is a great site for shocking stock photos!

#8 Unsplash

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Unsplash provides free, public domain high-resolution photographs that you can use anywhere. These are great for abstract backgrounds, landscapes, and beautiful cityscapes.

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