Using Webhooks & Zapier with your LeadSite

Updated 10 months ago by Tyler Zey

Wondering How To Integrate Your LeadSite with 100's Of CRMs? Here's How

We've built LeadSites so that agents could get their leads where ever they like to manage them. So, one of the core features that does that is our webhook.

A webhook is just a URL that you get from CRM providers or integration partners like Zapier.

You can use it to get leads directly from your LeadSite into any CRM.

For example, here's how you use it with Zapier:

Step 1) Go to and create a zap: Step 2) Select Webhooks by Zapier: 

Step 3) Select Catch Hook:

Step 4) Click continue on the next screen and copy the webhook Zapier gives you:

Step 5) Paste Your Webhook Into The Path You'd Like to Use: 

Finally, go submit a test lead into a Squeeze page. And you're test will be successful with Zapier: 

You can then deposit that lead into any CRM or program that Zapier integrates with. 

For example, I'm configuring Active Campaign in this example:

You can access tons of data from your Path's webhook. We hope you find this useful and can now integrate your LeadSite's leads with whatever CRM program you'd like to use.

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