Integrate with: BoomTown

Updated 10 months ago by Christopher McHale

Here's how to integrate your LeadSite with BoomTown!

The way our mutual clients are going to get the leads from the EasyAgentPro website to the BoomTown CRM is through a process called Email Forwarding with Gmail. 

Essentially once you have that Metadata added to your New Lead Notification emails, the user will have those emails sent to a gmail account to be filtered and forwarded to a BoomTown email address to become a lead in our system. 

Here is a screenshot of the article that we have in our Knowledge Base about how to complete this process, if you would like to adopt much of the verbiage for your own Help Center.

 Unfortunately we don't have an account login to provide for access to that Knowledge Base yourself, but this image contains all of the information that we provide.

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