How to Optimize Delivery for IDX-Generated Emails!

Updated 1 year ago by Christopher McHale

Learn how to maximize the chances that users who sign up for IDX-generated emails actually get them!

In a world full of SPAM, JUNK, and annoying email advertisements trying to sell you who knows what, many email providers have beefed up their security so that your inboxes stay clean from Vietnamese fidget spinner promotions.   

Like many software-generated emails, IDX emails have the potential to fall into that SPAM or JUNK category (although this is rare in our experience).  Here are two strategies you can use to maximize the chances that users who sign up for Email Alerts, Listing Alerts, Property Organizer Login, etc. actually get them!

1) Use a verified email provider

Google is generally king in this arena, although Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, iCloud, Zoho and GMX should work well also!  Unverified email hosts from small third-party companies or cheap hosting services sometimes send red flags to other email providers, and may be filtered out.  [email protected] is a lot more likely to make it through the defenses than [email protected]  If you aren't sure which email address is linked to your IDX account, send an email to [email protected] and we'll be happy to tell you!

2) Set your IDX delivery email to '[email protected]'

If you're using an unverified or low-key email provider, you can always set your emails to be sent from [email protected]  You can do this by logging into your IDX control panel and going to SETUP > BASIC SETUP > and checking the 'Use [email protected] as...' box. 

We can't 100% guarantee that IDX emails will always make it through (there is too much variability in user email accounts to make that claim), but by using either of these two methods, you should maximize the chances that your Leads receive that valuable information they're signing up for with your LeadSite :).

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