Add The Ability To Search By Address And MLS ID#

Updated 4 months ago by Christopher McHale

Hello! Adding more powerful search features to your Leadsite is super easy. Were going to show you how to add the option to search by Address or MLS ID#.

First, navigate to what page you want to add this capability to. The Basic Search page is a great place for it.

Click on the page where you want to insert the code, then click that little black house icon. This will bring up your iHomeFinder Shortcode Generator!

Select Search > Address Search > then Horizontal or Veritcal

Click Insert, and thats it! The code has been added :D

We can do the same for MLS ID# search:

Once you have inserted the Shortcodes, you can save the page. Be sure to check it out on the front to see how clients can utilize it!

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