Facebook Ads Formulas: The Single Story Home Search

Updated 10 months ago by Christopher McHale

Looking to get leads for single story homes? Here's how:

This ad campaign generated $1-5 leads for individuals who are looking to see single story homes. These leads are cheaper than "Downsizing" leads and around the same price as foreclosure leads. We've had agents successfully convert these leads into clients.

The Setup:

  • Headline: Single Story Homes
  • Texts:  Want a single story home? I've complied a list of every single story home in the area. To see them AND to receive weekly emails of all the new homes, fill out the form below!
  • Call To Action: Learn More

Images Used:

You do not have permission to use these images. We purchased them from a stock photo website (bigstock.com). And our license does not cover you using them. They are here for informational purposes only.


Ad Campaign Type:

Conversion Facebook Ad - We created a custom conversion for the thank you page. This means that in Squeeze we selected "Redirect" and redirected people to a page when they became a lead. We pasted the URL for this thank you page into the conversion section of Facebook. Here's where you do that:

Landing Page:

The landing page was really simple. It looked like this:

You really want to keep landing page text simple. This way you know why a page is working or not working. The more variables you add; the more things that could potentially could be changed to get better results.


This ad was targeted to people in the agent's geographic region between the age of 30-50. 

If you have the ability to create look alike audiences or upload a csv file of past clients, that's another way you could improve upon these results.

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