Facebook Ads Formulas: Targeting Downsizing Leads (Older Community Members)

Updated 1 year ago by Christopher McHale

Are you looking for copy/paste ad formulas to start successfully with? Here's one to look at:

This ad campaign generated $14 leads for individuals who are older and looking to downsize. These leads are more expensive than foreclosure / distressed property leads. But they are of higher price points since they are sellers looking to downsize. We've had agents successfully convert these leads into clients.

The Setup:

  • Headlines: Is It Getting Too Difficult To Maintain Your Home?
  • Headlines: Time To Downsize, But Unsure How?
  • Texts:  Time to downsize? I've created a FREE list of available properties in the surrounding areas that might work better! CLICK THE LINK to get access. 
  • Texts: Looking For A More Manageable Home? 🏡 I've created a FREE list of available single story properties in the surrounding areas! CLICK THE LINK to get access to the list.
  • Link Descriptions: Are you looking to downsize from your current home? Let's find you a more manageable place to live.
  • Call To Action: Learn More

Images Used:

You do not have permission to use these images. We purchased them from a stock photo website (bigstock.com). And our license does not cover you using them. They are here for informational purposes only.



Ad Campaign Type:

Conversion Facebook Ad - We created a custom conversion for the thank you page. This means that in Squeeze we selected "Redirect" and redirected people to a page when they became a lead. We pasted the URL for this thank you page into the conversion section of Facebook. Here's where you do that:

Landing Page:

The landing page was really simple. It looked like this:

You really want to keep landing page text simple. This way you know why a page is working or not working. The more variables you add; the more things that could potentially could be changed to get better results.


We were running this ad for a client without a big email list. This meant we had very little targeting data to go off of. We ran this ad with almost no targeting. 

We simply included a geographic range targeting people over 55. This is all we used..

If you have the ability to create look alike audiences or upload a csv file of past clients, that's another way you could improve upon these results.

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