Creating Your Own Facebook Chatbot

Updated 5 months ago by Christopher McHale

Set up your own Facebook chat bot in 10 minutes.

Chatbots are a fantastic tool for real estate agents specifically. I would highly advise you to take full advantage of the immediate follow-up capabilities of Facebook's Messenger. This is a tool that's only going to continue becoming more and more ingrained into daily communication.

Step #1 - Setup Your Facebook Business Page

Before you can use a chat bot you need to have a Facebook business page. So if you haven't done so already head on over to Facebook and set your page up!


Step #2 - Create an Account on

Manychat is by far the easiest tool I was able to find when it comes to creating your own chatbot. When you open the site all you have to do is select "Create A Facebook Bot". Then just sign in with your Facebook page and you're ready to start!

Step #3 - Select Automation and Welcome Message

Here's where you're going to set the first message the user will receive! I chose to give the user a few different options upon receiving the message. You'll have the option to select "Edit Message" in the top right corner. 

You can copy the message I used in this screen shot or choose to create your own!

Step #4 - Editing Your Message

When you've selected "Edit Message" you'll see these different options available.


You can see you've got the ability to create some pretty unique and customized sequences. Once you're done I'd encourage you to head on back to Facebook and test your bot out!

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