How To Make Your First Ebook

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How to make and use a real estate ebook to generate leads

Ebooks have a lot of advantages:

• They make you look more trustworthy and authoritative

• They move your prospect toward doing business with you through educationinstead of pushy sales tactics

• They are an tried-and-true way to get people to raise their hand and say "YES, I'm interested in buying (or selling) real estate."

The process is simple:

1. Pick a Topic

Your ebook has to be about something. Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Complete Home Buyer's Guide

• Complete Seller's Guide

• The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Home In __________ (insert your market)

• Guide To Downsizing After The Kids Move Out

• How To Get The Best Possible Price When Selling Your Home

2. Write an Outline

Organize information about your topic into chapters.

Example: The chapters of a home buying guide might be:

  1. What to expect from the pre-approval process
  2. Different kinds of loans
  3. How to start your home search
  4. The top 5 neighborhoods in ________ (insert your market)
  5. etc.

2. Create a PDF

At Easy Agent Pro, we create most of our ebooks using presentation software like Microsoft Power PointApple Keynote, or Google Slides.

Presentation software makes it easy to add text and images, without it feeling overwhelming (like you're "writing a book").

If you need free, high-quality stock photos to use in your ebook, check out this article.

For an example of how easy this can be, check out Easy Agent Pro's guide:

How To Get Your House Ready For Sale

(By the way: If you're looking for an ebook to use, but don't want to actually write one yourself, the ebook above is yours to customize and use however you like.)

When you're done adding content to the presentation, simply export the presentation as a PDF, like this:



Google Slides:

3. Advertise the Ebook with Paid Ads and a Squeeze Page.

Create a Squeeze Page for your ebook and use the "Download" function (instead of the "Redirect" function) and upload your PDF file, like this:

Now when anyone fills out your squeeze page, they'll get your valuable ebook in exchange for their contact information.


The final step is to setup a Facebook ad campaign that brings targeted traffic to this squeeze page. You can learn how to do that here:

Using Facebook Campaigns with Squeeze Pages

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