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Support Hours, Resources, And Inquiries

Support Hours:

  • We open on weekdays: Monday-Friday
  • Our business hours are: 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Mountain Time
  • We have Limited Support for emergency situations on Saturdays and Sundays

How To Reach Us! 

You have several different opportunities to get a hold of a support specialist to help you with any questions you may have about your LeadSite.

  • The help button located on the upper right hand corner of your site's dashboard will open an immediate ticket where one of our support ninjas can help you resolve your issue as fast as possible. 
  • You can also reach support by phone @ 800 327-6623

How can support help you?

Support is designed to help you with any issues or questions you have regarding your LeadSite and any of the features or tools we give you to optimize your online profile and generate leads.

If you have a technical issue with your page, want some customization done, or have a general question about marketing, lead generation, or what our favorite colors are we are here to help you by getting you a great answer as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The great thing about our support system is that you speak to an actual person.

Other Ways to Connect and Get Help

Our support network spans across the web with everything from weekly blogs and updates, to how-to videos, a social media group, and online classes offered to you free of cost as a member of Easy Agent Pro. Here are some other ways to get connected:

Join The Beat Zillow Facebook Group

Easy Agent Pro has created a fantastic group on Facebook called "Beat Zillow". With over 2,000 active members composed of EAP LeadSite users and support this is your one stop shop to chat real estate! An open forum environment allows you to read up on other members successful ads, brainstorm ideas and share your experiences and success stories with others.

Listen To The Easy Agent Pro Podcast

We also open up a weekly post where you can ask questions to some of our brightest minds that will get answered on the weekly In The Lead Podcast. 

You can follow up on past Podcasts with the link below!

In The Lead Podcast

Easy Agent Pro's YouTube Channel

This is hands down one of the best resources on the web for Lead Generation tips and mastering real estate marketing. Our YouTube channel highlights include, but are definitely not limited to: 

Setting up your new Dashboard
Setting Up Lead Notifications
Creating Your First Instafarm And Saved Search

The YouTube page offers over 300 videos that will help with your accomplishment as an online presence in your market. Support will also occasionally link you to videos that they may find helpful as tools for your success.  

LeadSite Orientation

When you sign up with Easy Agent Pro you will probably feel a bit overwhelmed and excited and that is OKAY! There are a ton of fantastic tools that you have at your disposal to optimize your site, start generating leads, and market yourself online. 

We have created a fantastic Ninja Academy 101 eBook that will give introduce you to the apps on your LeadSite and some homework to get started:

  1. Getting Started with LeadSites
  2. Reviewing & Updating Your LeadSite
  3. Position Yourself as THE Community Expert
  4. Reach out with Shareable Content
  5. Brag About Your Reputation (in the best of ways)
  6. Passive Lead Capture Tools (Side Hustles for Your Site!)
  7. Follow Up Faster with Texty!
  8. Customer Journeys: Send Your Leads Down Paths
  9. Squeeze Your Leads
  10. Tracking Leads

All of these things are crucial to your success so click the link and Download the PDF today

Office Hours

Easy Agent Pro offers Office Hour class sessions 3 days a week consisting of content support for Blogging, SEO, Facebook Ads, LeadSites, IDX and Landing Pages.

These real time online classes are designed for you to ask questions about any of the topics covered during the one hour class with a Support Specialist and Marketing guru so you can be as successful as possible on the web. 

You can schedule a class date by going on your dashboard and selecting the 'Education' button on the header. 

Once you are in the Education section of your dashboard click the blue 'Sign Up' button under the Office Hours descriptor and follow the prompts. 

Upon completion you will be signed up for the Office Hours class of your choosing and will receive an email with a link to the Join-me session where the class will be held! 

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