How to Update your Homepage

Updated 5 months ago by Christopher McHale

Your LeadSite homepage represents your brand and business. Learn how to maintain it!

We at Easy Agent PRO want you to focus on what you do best: helping people buy and sell homes.  To accomplish this aim, we've taken much of the code-speak and tech-babble out of our sites so you can focus on generating leads and growing your business!

Our homepages - which include the ClassicVideo Modern, and Seller Focused templates - were developed using technologies that we've deemed to be a bit outside the expertise of most non-techies and have restricted editing access to clients.

Have no fear though!  Our friendly production team are more than happy to help you with homepage edits and updates!

Feel free to send us your request to [email protected] and we will be happy to address your changes. 

  • If you have a YouTube video or images you want to use, be sure to include them in your message! 
  • If you have a headline or other portion of text that needs rewording, just let us know what the original text is and include the new text replacement in your message.

*Please note that typical homepage updates include changes in verbiage, color, pictures, and video.  Added functionality, reorganization, or fundamental changes in template design may not be supported or may require additional billing.  You will never be billed for work without a quote and your consent.

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