How Do I Update My Featured Properties Image Tiles?

Updated 5 months ago by Christopher McHale

Learn how to adjust the image tiles on your Featured Properties!

Your Featured Properties can be found on your /featured-neighborhoods page:

You can update these images using one of the following methods:

Login to your Ninja Center (link provided in your "Site Ready" email) and fill out an Edits Form!  Navigate to the section that says "Featured Properties" (your form may look different from the picture):  

Specify the market you need updated in Market Name?, i.e. ROSEVILLE.   Note the issue under Issue?, i.e. "ROSEVILLE needs a new photo. Image uploaded to form under roseville.jpg"  

If you uploaded the photo to your site, please specify the uploaded filename OR feel free to select up to 3 pictures from for us to upload for you.  You can also upload photos directly to the form using the Upload a File button.  

Do this for each area image you need adjusted and submit the form!

If you've already submitted 2 rounds of Edits or are a pre-Ninja Center client, please submit the following information to [email protected]om:

  1. Site URL. 
  2. Market Names you need updated.
  3. Images for each market needing an update.  You can upload these to the email or to your site.  It saves us time if you upload them to your site!   
  4. Image name associated with each market, i.e. "roseville.jpg for ROSEVILLE."

We will update your Featured Areas Image Tiles as quickly as possible!

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