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Common questions when you first purchase a LeadSite

1) What does this question mean on the design form?

2) Why only 10 InstaFarms to start?

3) What if I want to change something (logo, colors, InstaFarms) after launch, will I be charged? Can I do it myself?

4) How much is extra design work?

We do our best to accommodate design preferences and styles when we personalize your LeadSite, however, sometimes requests do fall outside the scope of work. In these rare cases (maybe 1/mn for all of our clients), your project will always be quoted at $99/hr for the amount of time it takes to complete.

5) What can I do while I'm waiting for set up?

We put together a LeadSites action plan just for you! You can grab your copy here: click here. Be sure to also read the many other articles on the help center to get started!

6) What's the next step in the process?

7) Are my backend and IDX in the same place?

8) What Does The IDX Paperwork Process Look Like?

9) When Can I Use My Domain?

10) What’s included in the monthly charge?

In your monthly fee we provide your website, API connection to various CRMS, Texty instant text messages, Cookie tracking on your visitors, Path's functionality, unlimited landing pages, unlimited InstaFarm pages, Office Hours coaching, access to the Beat Zillow group, IDX, hosting, and live chat support.

11) Do The Free Blogs Easy Agent Pro Provides Help My SEO?

Easy Agent Pro realizes agents don't like to write blogs. So, we provide you 2 free articles per week on your website. You can share these on social media, email them out to prospects, and use them to convert leads into clients. They are not unique. They do not hurt your SEO. Google just doesn't index those specific pages. You can turn them off if you'd like. You can also follow this guide to set them up to auto post to social media. Click Here For The Guide.

12) Can I modify the blog posts you publish automatically for us? Can it be changed to Canadian themes?

Sure! The posts are a free service we provide to our clients above and beyond the core functionality of LeadSites. You can chat with support. They can set the posts to show up as drafts. From there, you can edit them to your liking. Or, if you're Canadian, you can make sure they use the local vocabulary. This will help the SEO value of your posts and should save you considerable time from writing them yourself.

13) Can I use my CRM?

14) Do you have more questions?

Type in the questions on the search bar at the top. We've prepared some very thorough answers for you. If you can't find the answer,


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