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If you want to add multiple agents onto your LeadSite because you have a team or you are a broker, this guide will show you the best practices to do so!

  • Log in to your LeadSite
  • You can follow this guide if you need to change your Logo, Name, Company Name, or Contact Information

Adding Agents

  • Navigate to your Apps page and select the Team App!

  • Add A New Member to the App

  • Fill out the Name, Title, Email Address, Phone Number, and Biography portions of the form and add an agent image!

  • Select "Listing Report" under the "Listing Gallery" button, select your Manual Market for your agent, and a sorting option then press the "Copy To Clipboard" button and paste the code into the IDX shortcode box.

  • Once you are done adding profiles for all of the agents on your team or in your brokerage, select a template for your Team App.
  • Press "Templates" at the top of the menu.
  • Be sure to choose a Team Page Template and Individual's Page Template.

Adding your Team to the Header Menu

Now that you have created a team page, you can add it to your header menu, so people can easily find it on your site!

  • Click on the "Setting" tab in the Team App.
  • Under "Team Page Link" you can find the "slug" link for your team page.
  • By default, your slug link should be "/my-team" making the URL for your team page"
  • Copy the full URL for your team page.

  • With your URL copied to your clipboard, navigate to the Apps Page

  • Then site Settings

  • Under site Settings, Click on Menu and "Custom Links" from the left-hand menu

  • Paste the URL that you copied into the URL box
  • Give the tab a short title using the "Link Text" box and then press "Add To Menu"

  • We would also recommend adding a new tab to your header menu called "About Us" or renaming the default tab "Contact Us"
  • Drag and drop the new menu tiles like the image below

  • Any tab indented all the way to the left will always be displayed in your header menu. Anything indented underneath that tile will be a hover option. So, for the image above, "About Us" will be a menu option in your header menu and "Our Agents" will display as drop-down options when a user on your site hovers their mouse over the "About Us" tab.

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