Paths - How to Use It!

Updated 1 year ago by Christopher Tenerowicz

Routing your leads to custom drips is now super easy with Paths, the newest App out from EAP!

You can find it in your Apps section here:

With Paths, you can dictate what leads go where, with multiple recipients and sources. Heres how it works.

First, you will need to add your CRM to the feature, usually done via an API. Click this icon:

On the next Page, you will see the option to add new integrations to Paths:

Just click your desired CRM, add the API, then click Save!

From this page select Create New Path. This is how we set up a new sequence.

On the next page, you will see all the integrations available to you. Depending on what CRMs you are using, you might only see a few. For this demo, were going to set up one up for Condo Buyers

We have already created a Tag in LionDesk for Condo Buyers, and will set it as the associated tag here. This means any lead sent to LionDesk from this Path will be tagged as such!

The Path doesn't have to end there! Lets go ahead and alert our condo associate in the office of this lead too so he can send them some info.


Finally, lets send yourself a notification via Texty!

So in our above Path, we have Condo Buyer leads being sent:

  1. To LionDesk, where they are tagged as such
  2. To your condo guy in the office
  3. To yourself

But how to do we know what leads will be labeled as Condo Buyer and sent to this Path? Thats where the Squeeze integration comes in!

On Squeeze pages, you will now see this icon! Say you have a Squeeze page targeting folks buying condos in your area. Just pop open that page, and click the Paths icon.

On the pop up, switch on that Condo Buyers path! Boom, you are done. Any leads captured by this lead page will be sent along the Path you create automatically. 

We are super excited about just how customizable Paths is. You can route leads to any combination of CRM tags, emails, or text notifications.

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