Tracking Conversions In Adwords

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How To Track Conversions In Google Adwords

You can track conversions on your LeadSite when generating leads via Google Adwords. Here's how:


First, go to "Tools" then "Conversions."

Next, click "+Conversion":

Select the conversion type "Website":

Then name your conversion code and setup the options:

Choose "page load" as the trigger for your conversion:

Using "page load" will only count people who arrive at your "thank you" page afterthey opt-in. This is a more reliable way of tracking conversions.

Finally, copy the tracking code for your conversion:


As with most ad setups, you'll go from AD to LANDING PAGE to THANK YOU PAGE.

So to track conversions effectively, you'll want to install your conversion code on the THANK YOU PAGE. That means: Only people who opt in and load your thank you page will be counted as a conversion.

In this case, you'll create a Google Ad that sends traffic to a Squeeze Page that uses the redirect option. Whatever page you're redirecting people to is where you'll install your Google Conversion Code.

On a LeadSite, you can use an Instafarm page or a standard Page.

On an Instafarm Page:

If using an Instafarm page as your Thank You page, you can insert the conversion code into one of the text areas that offer the "Text" editor. You need to put the code in the Text editor, NOT the Visual editor.

This saves the code to your page for tracking, but does not show it visually to people who visit that page.

On a standard Page:

To insert tracking code into a page, you'll need to edit the page through the Pro Editor:

Once in the Pro Editor, insert the code into the Text editor as in the previous example:


Now as people click your ad, opt-in on your landing page, and arrive at your thank you page, they will be counted as conversions in your Google Adwords reporting. Like this:

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