LeadSites Orientation Action Plan

Updated 5 months ago ​by Tyler Zey

Here's a link to our LeadSites action plan and the password to open it

Wondering what you can do with your LeadSite?  This pdf covers the first steps you should take to get your LeadSite off the ground. You should be emailed it after you attend our LeadSites Orientation.

Haven't been to orientation yet? Sign Up Here

DOWNLOAD THE ACTION PLAN Password: leadsites

What you'll find inside:

  1. Setting Up Analytics & Your Dashboard Page
  2. Setting Up Lead Notifs & CRMs
  3. Creating Your First Squeeze Page
  4. Example FB Ad Setup To Your Squeeze
  5. Creating Your 1st InstaFarm
  6. The Complete Guide To Facebook
  7. The Complete Guide To SEO
  8. Help Center & Resources

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