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Setting up your LeadSite? Paste these scripts into your Texty app.

Texty makes it super easy to start conversations with visitors on your website. Texty will instantly send a text message to your leads, and to you, as soon as a website form is filled out.

This automatically creates opportunities to engage your visitors! To get started, you need to set your notification phone number, turn on notifications, create your text messages, and add your phone # into each message!

1. Add Your Phone Number

In the main phone number field at the top, enter your phone number. This is the number where you will receive text notifications when a lead fills out a form on your site.

2. Turn on Text Notifications

Next, turn on your text notifications. Open the drop-down menu for the contact forms, like this:

And turn on the notifications:

3. Create Your Text Messages

Fill out your text messages and remember to include a phone number where leads can reach you (the texts come from a generic phone number, not yours).


Copy and paste script: "Thanks for contacting me! I'll be in touch soon, or you can reach me anytime at [your phone number]"

SELLER MAGNET (Free Home Valuation):

Copy and paste script: "I'm working on your free home valuation right now and will be in touch soon! If you need anything immediately, call or text me at [your phone number]"


Copy and paste script: "That's a great area! I'll be in touch soon. If you need anything immediately, call or text at [your phone number]"


Copy and paste script: "I hope that info is helpful! I'll be touch soon to see if I can answer any questions. You can also call or text me at (123) 456-7890."

4. Save and Finish

Click "Save" and you're good to go! All of your leads will now receive the customized text message and you will be notified when anyone fills out one of the forms on your site.

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