InstaFarm: Building Your First Community

Updated 5 months ago ​by Christopher McHale

Learn the "in's and out's" of getting started with InstaFarm!

Instafarm is our instant SEO farming community builder. It's a fill in the blank tool that helps you easily create a Farm page for an area of your choice. 

Sample InstaFarm Page:

Getting Started

1.) Go to the "Apps" Section On Your Website

2.) Click on InstaFarm

3.) Click "Add New"

4.) Fill In The Blanks! DONE!

Here's what this is going to do...

Now, you can easily create neighborhood pages that will rank on Google just by filling in all the blanks on each InstaFarm. We take care of the SEO formatting and design for you, all that's left is filling in some useful/valuable local content for your visitors!

Your LeadSite comes stocked with up to 10 blank Farming Communities with IDX areas already added. All that's left is to add unique content.

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