How To Disable The Smart Pop-Up and Smart Slide-In Apps

Updated 3 months ago ​by Christopher McHale

Pop ups are great at grabbing Leads' attentions and converting them, but sometimes they can be annoying. Learn how to disable them!

The Smart Pop-Up and Smart Slide-In are proven Lead Capture tools that can help drive conversions on your LeadSite!  They are both customizable and have a tested track record of success. 

Smart Pop-Up: 

Smart Slide-In: 

With that out of the way, some of our LeadSite users subscribe to the idea that "Less is More" and don't want pop-ups to detract from the content and overall look and feel of their site.

If you're into a more modest approach for capturing Leads, simply send an email to our friendly support staff at or click the "Help" icon in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard and let us know that you'd like to disable the Smart Pop-Up, Smart Slide-In, or both!  We will be happy to do so :)

*Please keep in mind that we do not recommend disabling one or both of these apps unless you have a well though-out reason why...we would hate for you to miss out on potential Leads! 

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