How To Add Testimonials To Your LeadSite Using The Brag Wall App!

Updated 5 months ago ​by Christopher McHale

Adding testimonials and client reviews to your LeadSite is quick and easy through our Brag Wall app! Learn how!

We make it easy to add client testimonials and reviews to your site through the Brag Wall app!  Simply login to your site dashboard, click "Apps", then click "Brag Wall".

From here, click "Add New" to add a new testimonial to your site or hover over an existing one and click "Edit" to modify it.

  1. Enter or modify the title of your testimonial in the "Enter title here" section.  
  2. Type or paste the content of your testimonial into the editor box underneath the title.  
  3. Select the number of stars you'd like to display for the testimonial.
  4. Publish the testimonial live to your site!

If you'd like to save the testimonial for later, you can click "Save Draft".  This will prevent the testimonial from being live on your site but will still save it in your Brag Wall app to work on later.  If you'd like to preview the testimonial before it goes live, click "Preview".

Once you've published the testimonial, you can view it under the "Testimonials" page of your LeadSite!

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