Adding A New Page To Your LeadSite!

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Adding new pages to your LeadSite is easy! Learn how here.

Pages are fantastic for sharing static or "fixed" content with site visitors.  An "About" page is a classic example and these pages can be shared via the Header Menu, a Squeeze redirect, or a direct link.

To create a page, simply login to the backend of your website (please contact if you cannot find your login information) and click PAGES:

Click "Create new page"

Now you can begin adding content to your page!  You can set a Featured Image to display at the header of your page, give your page a title, and add verbiage, videos, pictures, and more!  We encourage you to explore the various features of the page template to see what they do, so don't be afraid to break a few things while learning!

Once you are happy with everything or just want the page created so that you can edit it later, be sure to click the green icon in the upper right-hand corner and click Save (or Save As Draft if you don't want it live on your site just yet)!

To view your page, simply click PAGES again and you should see it!

If you wish to edit the page or view it in Pro Mode (the more advanced editor), be sure to click the green pencil icon in the bottom left-hand corner!  Pro Mode is also where you can find your page URL for sharing directly or as a Squeeze Page redirect. 

If you wish to add this page to your Header menu, be sure to check out this article: Using Your LeadSite's Menu.  If you aren't sure if a page is the best option for your goal, please check out our Instafarm, Post, Or Page?article!  

If you ever get stuck or have questions, don't hesitate to email  Best of luck creating awesome pages!

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