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​ FREE Images For Your LeadSite!

For those of you just looking for the link to the FREE images click here Enter your email and start browsing For those of you who want to understand the importance of images on your LeadSite keep r...

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Add/Update Your Favicon

A favicon or site icon is the little image that shows up in a browser's tab that helps visitors identify your LeadSite A house favicon To add or change your favicon simply navigate to your Settings...

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Menu Styles

Your LeadSite has 3 different menu options available in your Settings App Here's what they look like Wide Menu Skinny Menu Centered Menu

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How To Update Your Homepage

Your LeadSite homepage represents your brand and business Learn how to maintain it We at Easy Agent PRO want you to focus on what you do best helping people buy and sell homes To accomplish this ai...

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How Do I Update My Featured Properties Image Tiles?

Learn how to adjust the image tiles on your Featured Properties Your Featured Properties can be found on your featured neighborhoods page You can update these images using one of the following meth...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions when you first purchase a LeadSite 1 What does this question mean on the design form? 2 Why only 10 InstaFarms to start? 3 What if I want to change something logo colors InstaFarms...

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